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About Us

We create new things out of old things, or out of nothing. Our pieces reflect a collaborative spirit between company members and audience. Soap & Rope performances often include, but are not limited to, physical theatre, devising, and original writing.

Jill Miriam Rogati

Jill received her MFA in (are you ready for this?) Lecoq-based, Actor-created Physical Theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) in conjunction with Naropa University. She invests her time teaching actors how to move their bodies, giving feedback to anyone who asks for it, and convincing her spouse that at the end of "A League of Their Own" the older sister did not let her younger sister win by intentionally letting go of the ball! Thanks to Boston-based imaginary beasts theatre company, Jill lets loose her sculptor side making them bizarre-o puppets. She attributes her love of the absurd to her brooding Swedish heritage, and fully blames the Italian relatives for her inability to resist a fart joke.

Elizabeth Owens 

Beth felt the call to the stage as soon as her brother started performing in a play and she felt the strong younger-sisterly urge to copy him. In her first "real" performance as a Swomee Swan in the Lorax, she knew she had made the right choice, in spite of the fact that she was afraid to speak above a whisper or make eye contact with any of her castmates even though her costume included sunglasses. She's made some progress since then, growing up theatrically with Sleepy Lion Theatre in Topsfield; performing in and creating puppets, props, and posters for many shows with the wonderful imaginary beasts in and around Boston; and now, Beth couldn't be happier to be part of the fabulously fun and creative Soap & Rope team. When not performing, Beth enjoys making stuff, speaking French, learning about the history of Ipswich, and trying to get non-blurry pictures of her kittens. 

Anne Sablich

Anne used to write fanfiction for the 1992 Disney flop "Newsies," and created/maintained a fansite devoted to the film throughout her pre-teen and early teen-aged years. She grew up (mostly) on a pumpkin farm in rural Maine with six younger siblings and a never-ending rotation of pets that almost always met tragic ends (the pets, not the siblings, they're all doing well, thank you). Since receiving her BA in theatre in 2007 (at the tender age of 6), Anne has appeared on stages around the Greater Boston area to varying levels of success. In the summer of 2012, she had an audition that was so bad, she still has recurring nightmares about it, but don't worry, it's fine. Anne loves the Soap & Rope team, the Soap & Rope mission, and, frankly, soaps and ropes in general (so practical!). She lives in Bradford, MA next to some cows with her husband and two cats. 

Dave Babcock 

Dave Babcock has been flirting with sweet lady theatre since his teenage years. He is hoping that she will soon stop dating the high school quarterback and see him for the true gentlesir he really is. When Dave isn't Soaping or Ropeing he can often be found playing drums, walking long distances, eating Ugly Mug waffles, and watching reruns of "My Mother The Car." Usually all at the same time. He lives in Salem where he is a proud cat and owner of 2 husbands.

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